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BITAREL develops and manufactures most advanced bituminous materials: cold applied sealants, bitumen primers, hot applied sealants, bitumen emulsions, modified bitumens, bitumen polymer joint tapes under the trademark BITAREL.

Our product line is designed and applied to renovation of road pavement and airfields, road laying, fracture sealing, renovation of miscellaneous industrial and civilian facilities; anticorrosion processing and protecting metal surfaces, bodyshells; isolation of the surface of steel pipelines; mending of all types of roof coatings.

About production

Production of bituminous materials is performed at the factory, located in Bohdan Volozhinskiy township, Minsk Region, the Republic of Belarus, situated 50 km far from the frontier of the Republic of Lithuania and 250 km far from the border of Republic of Poland.

Production capacity of up-to-date equipment stock enables to manufacture: bituminous hot applied sealants 500 tonnesmonth, bituminous cold applied sealants on basis of petroleum solvents – 800 tonnesmonth, modified bitumens – 200 tonnesmonth, bituminous emulsions – 500 tonnesmonth. The tank farm makes up 1560 m³.

The factory operates up-to-date and permanently upgraded production processing datum surface ; technically equipped lines of bitumen modification; packaging of sealants, production of joint tapes, enclosed-type warehouses, branch railway line, trustee weighting-machines which allow to weigh cargo up to 60 tonnes.

Proper scientific laboratory is fitted with present-day equipment which lets carry out all necessary tests on quality control of incoming raw materials and the end product.

Production laboratory holds a certificate of technical expertise.

Bitarel products are certified for compliance with a European Certificate of excellence and security SE.

Our mission is

Designing and producing new-generation bituminous materials which alter existing approaches and standards of a manufacturing process, human safety and environmental security, the usage of which enables to save time and our customers’ expenses.

Our benefits are

  • More than 5 years of work in this sphere
  • More than 30 output trademarks
  • More than 5 outlets in various countries
  • International development staff
  • Self-engineered products
  • Up-to-date Italian, Polish and Spanish equipment
  • Certified laboratory
  • Compliance with standards EN
  • Certificates for products
  • Direct supplies to any world destination
  • Technical maintaining of the product by manufacturing technicians of the enterprise
  • A chance of tailor-made production